Back to the Turbo Tunnel is ready!


You probably though "they're just one of these startup guys just giving it a shot" but actually we have a game!

We are finally done with the development of our first game as a team, Back to the Turbo Tunnel!

It's a tribute to Battletoads's famous level "Turbo Tunnel".

A really simple game, actually. You avoid the barriers that keep coming. You gotta avoid some of them by moving up and down, and some will force you to jump or else you'll die!

But don't fool yourself: it is hard as hell, like the original turbo tunnel level, which was featured in Battletoads by Rare software, back in 1991.

It all began when we were thinking about making games together, back when we didn't even called ourselves Bogdog yet. Thiago and Toste, being older than me, played Battletoads when they were younger. I played too but I was really young and only remember the game a little.

Having those memories about it made us decide to try to create a version of the game, but only with the turbo tunnel level.

We made the game during our spare time, as they're working and i'm almost at the end of my graduation, we couldn't spend all day and all week developing it.

And now, after a few months working on it, it's finally done!

We're releasing it for free and with no ads on the Appstore and Google Play. There's also going to be a windows and mac version of it.

Also, there's an amazing death counter, counting all deaths of all players, independent of the platform they're playing on.  Here!

If you like it or want to know more about battletoads, visit:

Kudos goes to Rare for making our childhood better and more challenging. We hope they are planning to make a new version of this classic game!

Below are some concept art and screenshots from the development phase.


First Concept Art




Toad and motocycle drafts



Explosion spritesheet




Some actual screenshots!

You can download it  from the appstore, google play or directly in our website. There is a windows version as well. Go get it!


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