Introducing our upcoming game: Hobohood!

We've finally started the planning stage of our upcoming game, Hobohood!

The base idea came to life while I was taking my long train ride to class. I would ride that train for two hours or so to go to class (and another two hours to get home) every day. I would pass by various places while having a lot of free time.

When the train passed by the poorer parts of the city, sometimes I would see homeless people, lingering by their camps.

Then the obvious came to mind:
Homeless people spend their entire lives surviving.

The everyday routine of homeless people is perfect to make a survival game. But instead of chopping wood in the wild, they gather empty oil drums and burnable litter, instead of finding caves to spend the night, they find alleys.


Eveything about their lives can be used as a game mechanic.

So imagine a survival game that's tough as nails, in which you have to use every aspect of the environment to survive. And you have options. You can choose to be a wandering bum, with all your belongings in your backpack or you can choose to stabilish a small camp to go back to whenever you go out looking for resources, knowing the risk of getting your things stolen or damaged.

You can tame a street dog to help protect you and your stuff, but you'll have to feed him with the food that barely feeds yourself.

If you can't get enough resources by dumpster diving, you can try to beg in the streets - but in this dystopic society, to help a less fortunate person is frowned upon. Maybe by getting a guitar and improving your music skills can boost the small gains of begging.

There are a bunch of procedurally generated districts and neighborhoods in the city - you can choose whatever place to stay or venture. Each one contains different quantities of different resources and threats.
In the rich residential districts, for example, you may find better loot in the dumpsters, but authorities will patrol these areas more tightly. The ghettos can be more violent, but if you make your camp there, the government will not bother trying to confiscate the furniture and other things that belong to you.
We're even thinking about making it possible for you to try to live in the sewers - people won't try to bother you there, but there will certainly be threats like mutant rats and disease-spreading fungi.

We're thinking through all the things I said in this post, some of them will be present in the game, some of them will not. We're still in the early stages of development, so who knows?

We want to bring to you guys an awesome survival experience, present in very few games this days. We want to make a living world, full of oportunities and danger. You will have options to survive - each option will aways have an advantage and a disadvantage, nothing will be easy.

If you're interested in the idea, please keep tuned! You can even let us know what you think, as it's the perfect time for sugestions!

Also, we already have a Steam Greenlight page. It's a concept/idea page for now, we will post a game page when the game is more developed. Check it out!