Understand the game’s payment system:

The payment system of this game looks a bit complicated, right? Why so many different prices? Is there a difference between paying more or less? What is the secret of the universe?

Well, we’ll explain each topic answering these questions.

1. What if I don’t pay?

Well, you will be able to play a part of the game. But to continue, the character will need money. Without this he will not be able to continue. It’s going to make sense, but we won’t tell you right not so we don’t spoil the story to you!

2. What is the difference between paying $4.99 and $19.99?

It’s simple. The more money you pay for the game, the more money the character will have! The formula is reasonably simple. If you transfer $4.99 to the character, he will have about UC$10,000.00, and will have UC$140,800.00 if you transfer $19.00. Complicated right? Not that much! Leave the formulas to us, but know that if you pay more, the character will have more money, helping him in a lot of ways.

3. What is this formula?

Here it is. cm = ta.ta.(1-rate)ᶠᵃᶜᵗᵒʳ, where cm = character’s money and ta = transfered amount. It’s a variation of the normal compound interest formula that is going to make sense in the game. We can’t tell you more details so we don’t spoil the surprise! ;)

4. But what does money affect inside the game?

A lot of things. During the game the character will need some money to be able to do things and progress along his journey. This money will be really necessary, but please note: The payment needed to continue playing will happen only ONE (01) time, and from this moment, if you make the mininum payment of $4.99, complete access to the main storyline will be granted to you.

Did you get it? No? So i’ll explain to you in the simplest way possible: You will have to pay one (01) single time so you can play the main storyline until the end. Paying the mininum ($4.99) or maximum will affect the challenges you will find! The choice is yours!

5. Can I pay more than $19.00?

Yes. And the multiplying formula will be applied in the same manner, but mind you that we have a transfer limit of R$1,000,000,000.00. In case you want to transfer more than that, sorry, we won’t accept your payment. Please, don’t insist!

6. How do you intend to use the preorder money you get?

Heck, with poker and prostitues! Just kidding… just the prostitutes… No, but serious talk, we’re going to use it to finish the game, and depending on the amount we get, we can add some really cool stuff to the game in the next chapters. This includes video, photo, audio recording features and some other things.

7. If I use all the money, will I have to “transfer” (pay) more so I can keep playing?

No. After the first mininum payment, the game is yours and the money belongs to the character! Think of it like a normal purchase of a game. Paying one time makes it so the character always have the money (the value you paid with the formula applied) at the start of the game. In case you start over, the same happens - the character will have the same amount of nice smelling, clean, fabulous money that you paid for!

8. Can I kiss one of the makers of the game?


9. If I pay twice will I have two games?

No. You can “transfer” or pay more than once, but the money will be acumulated and the character will have the total amount you transfered. Paying twice the value of $4.99, for example, will leave the character with the calculated money of 2x $4.99, and not one calculated money of $9,98. As the formula is a square one, the final amount will be different. For you to have an idea, paying 2x $4.99 will result in the character having about $20,000.00. Now with a single $9.98 transfer, he will have about $40,000.00, so it’s better to transfer bigger quantities in a single transfer.

10. How far in the future is the character?

Well, you can ask him!