“Humans will not the first to travel in time.
Bytes will.”

Imagine speaking with someone in another time through Facebook Messenger. Imagine being able to help the person on the other side, who is on a devastated and lonely world. Now add to this immersion outside of the conversation with real world interactions, and events in your time being able to affect and alter what happens to this person.

What you get is Time Messenger, a text-based game that also uses media like photos, audio recordings and video recordings to create immersion and a sense of interactivity never seen before in a game, and all that without the need to install external apps - using your Facebook profile on Facebook messenger will suffice.

“Imagine being an alien in your own planet.”

Time messenger is an interactive story about an astronaut who was sent to a mission in mars, and when returning to earth, sees himself stuck in a world completely different from the one he departed from. His only source of communication is a cellphone that is able to reach only one person - you!

The essence of this game is something different from everything you’ve ever seen! It’s going to blend reality and fiction to create fantastic interactivity and immersion!

Now add mystery, suspense, survival and investigation and you’ll have an idea of how Time Messenger is going to be. Help this astronaut overcome obstacles and take decisions that can change his path completely, in a world almost without electricity, internet, resources and hope.

“Help me!”

The game starts with a cry for help through Facebook Messenger. From there all the interaction starts and every minute counts in helping the astronaut to discover what happened and how his voyage to mars became the start of a series of events that compromised all of humanity.

Before you start helping the astronaut, you can help us create all of this.

"Preorder" and get your early copy of the game! Not just will you pay the promotional price, you will be able to recieve the call for action a week pior to the release!

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