Our new game is 100% playable on Facebook Messenger :P
... and you can already pre-order it HERE! ... "Humans will not the first to travel in time. Bytes will." By Aleksis Malakov ... Imagine talking to someone in another time through Facebook Messenger. Imagine being able to help the person on the other side, who is on a devastated and lo...
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Bogdog is a small game studio based in São Paulo - Brazil. We enjoy oldschool & modern games alike, and one of the most important things to us is to bring an awesome experience to the people who play our games.

We're working hard to change everything we think is wrong about the area of game development. And we hope that one day we can offer people the opportunities that never even existed in our reality.

Bogdog Team
1. Three Brick lickers
2. Makin' games
3. ...that's it
Tin Mouth

Fabio Toste, developer... that's it.

The Beard

Thiago Paiola, a labourer since he was fourteen. Studied a bunch of shit, and according to him, he's been a game designer for three years now.

The Youngin

Igor Hatakeyama is a really young dude. Alright, not very young, but he looks really young. You're being generous if you tell him he looks like he's 17.
He's formally studying game design for almost four years now, so he can get his crappy game design degree. Before that, he studied game development in a technical course for two years (so basically he started studying game-making when he was a few years old).
He sees himself as Frankin, Toste as Michael, and Thiago as Trevor (all from GTA V).
A shameless Unity fanboy, he likes to partake in online game jams like Ludum Dare because he's too lazy to go to those where you need to be there physically. But he enjoys these kind of events because of the freedom given to the participants to do whatever games they want - the rule being the game needs to be at least minimally, abstractly related to the theme - The opposite of his game design course where he is filled with pressure and rules and constraints. He's imprisoned, forced to make his final game so he can graduate.
Now he's almost getting his degree so the chains are almost releasing him: he'll be able to make more crappy games than ever! And this isn't even his final form!

what we do

We love making games, of course! Bogdog is composed by a multidisciplinary team. We're able to make websites, apps, and Toste knows how to make delicious hamburgers. Also, Thiago is a professional hobo.

While we know all of that, we are only focused on making games, computer games to be more specific.


We make games because we like making games! We'll make awesome games. Or not.
As clichéd as it may sound, we have a passion for making games since we were little kids. Now we're all grown up (all of us but Igor, who is still a baby) and we're still trying to pursue this dream of ours.

Now, with our powers combined, we believe the time has come to unleash our awesome ideas upon the world, in game form!


If you wanna know about anything related to Bogdog, or even if you're feeling lonely, feel free to send us an e-mail, we'll be glad to answer!

If you want to praise us, give us some sugestion or even better, give us money, send an e-mail to:
If you want to send a message specifically to one of us, you can reach us using the following e-mails:
Fabio Toste :
Thiago Paiola :
Igor Hatakeyama :
If you want to file a complaint against us, here's our complaint department: